Training a Yearling for the Racing Circuit

One of the most exciting uses for horses is to race them. This has become a big industry and it is something that is most enjoyed by the horse itself as well as the riders, trainers and owners plus those spectators who love to bet on the horses.

Horses that are going to be used on the racing circuit have to go through some specific training in order for them to be comfortable with this type of task or similar tasks. In most cases, those horses that are slated for the racing circuit will begin their training as early as one year old.

Basic Handling

Most likely the yearling that is about to enter training for racing has already had its basic handling training. This includes being walked, having their hoofs attended to and accepting bathing and grooming.

Yearling Breaking

The next thing the young horse has to adapt to is the wearing of the various types of gear that is going to be required during the horse’s profession as a racehorse.

The Bridle and Headstall

In order to control the horse, this is the type of equipment that is used. The bit that goes into the horse’s mouth is part of this gear. In some cases, the bit is not present and if so then this is called a hackamore or bit-less bridle.


In order for the yearling to become comfortable with weight on their backs, they will often first begin by wearing a surcingle. This allows them to get prepared for the pressure that the girth will give when worn.

The yearling will be given some time to adjust to wearing this type of tack. Then once they are comfortable with this they will be introduced to the wearing of the saddle and girth. Then the next step will be to start teaching the yearling to accept the weight of the rider.

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