The Basics of Horse Training

Horse ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities and risks. It not only includes their care but involves making sure the horse is properly trained as well. Horses can be used for different purposes and in order for them to be able to perform they need to be trained for their specific tasks. Basic training is the starting point which sets you for being able to just handle the horse in a confident way. It allows the horse to be comfortable around people and begins to show the horse that there are things that are expected of him.

Some people own horses with the intent of being able to ride them for pleasure. Others want to put them on the show or racing circuit and others want to use this animal for different types of work. No matter which of these are the purpose of owning the horse, or even if the horse is not going to be ridden much, it should still be taught some basics in order to keep it safe and for allowing it to be handled safely.

The basics that the horse must be taught are….

Wearing of the appropriate gear

Depending on what is required of the horse it will most likely require the wearing of some form of tack. This may be an English or western saddle, or at the very least a halter. The horse has to be taught to allow anyone to put this tack on the horse while the horse remains still and quiet.


The horse has to allow individuals to handle it in various ways. It has to let a handler put the bit in his mouth that comes with the bridle. He has to cooperate when his hoofs need repairs. Then the veterinarian that is used should be able to perform a basic examination of the horse when needed.


Horses have to be taught how to get on and off a horse trailer and to feel comfortable when the trailer is in motion.

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