Race Horse Routines

It is standard and relatively common practice that when horses are being used fora specific purpose that they will go through specific training and will adapt to routines. This is applicable to horses being used for racing.

Naturally, horses are not being raced every day but there is a routine that must be adhered that leads up to each racing event. These horses have to be kept in prime condition and excellent health. These horses are not just turned out to pasture or left in the barn until racing day. They have a rigid routine that begins at early dawn and continues through till sunset.

It begins with their first meal of the day. Then about an hour after this, the horse is exercised for anywhere between one to one and half hours. During this time the horse’s stall is thoroughly cleaned out.

At around noon the horses are then fed again. Then they are left to rest for a period of time. In the early evening, they may spend some time in the paddocks. During these hours the horses are routinely inspected to ensure there are no injuries or any type of inflammation. This is also the time when standard grooming may be carried out.

The final close to the daily routine may be an evening feeding.

Exercise for the horse may typically be moderate but will become more stringent during the racing season. It is broken down into segments where the horse will go through some gallop exercises about twice a week and the rest of the time is spent on trotting and cantering. Sundays is usually the day where the horse is allowed to rest with no routine exercise.

This is a typical form or routine for the racehorses but it can vary according to the techniques implemented by the trainers and the racing schedule that has been set for the horse.

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