Proper Feeding for Young Racehorses

Horses that are going to be used for racing must be fed properly. Unlike the average hobby horse that is owned by a family, the racehorse is carefully monitored in regards to the type of food it is receiving.

It has to be remembered that racehorses embark on their careers at around the age of two. This means they are still developing both mentally and physically. The components of what their feed is made up of will be carefully scrutinized and selected by the individuals caring for the horse.

At this age,given the horse is still growing, there is a need for a balanced amount of nutrients like calcium and phosphorus as well as the required minerals needed for skeletal growth. There has to be a specific amount of protein for the enhancement of the muscle tissue.

The type of training that the horse will be subjected to will be somewhat dependent on the physical characteristics of the horse and what they are capable of handling. This not only protects the physical aspects of the horse but their mental growth.

To make feeding of the young horse simple,handlers will usually rely on prepared grains that are formulated for the young horses that are in training for racing.

Particular attention has to be paid to the amount and type of protein that is being fed. This is critically important for the building of lean muscle mass which is a big requirement for the racehorse.

Hay is most often used merely to give the racehorse something to do which is grazing on the hay. At the same time, it can help with the digestion of the grain being fed.

Added to the feeding regime for the racehorse should be continuous access to fresh clean water. Access to salt is also important. They can be given this in a loose form or in the form of a salt block.

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