Maintaining the Safety of the Race Horse

Aside from the humane responsibility that comes with owning and racing horses, there is the dollar value that many of these horses possess. The better a horse is at winning the more famous it becomes and the financial value increases. Most racehorse owners have a personal attachment to their horse and are intent are making sure the horse is getting the very best of care.

The racehorses have a set routine for their ongoing care and training. There are some basic rules that are followed in order to maintain this.


The routine that is set for the racehorses must be consistent. There has to be set times for their feeding and exercise.

Clean Environment

These horses have to be kept in good health and their environment must be clean. This entails daily mucking out of the stalls and is able to use paddocks that are in good condition.

Training Procedures

These animals must be trained in a concise way that is applicable to their physical shape and capabilities. The training will vary according to their age and maturity. The training must be tailored to be most effective.


Proper care of their feet is critically important to their comfort, health and their ability to race. Professionals need to be utilized to ensure that the horse is fitted with the proper fitting shoes and plates.


Transporting horses can be stressful for them. They need a proper and safe environment such as a well-kept horse trailer that is properly fitted with all of the equipment needed to keep the horse safe during the time the horse is in the trailer.

Racing Conditions

The race courses are usually well maintained and appropriate for the type of racing that is going to be performed there. Trainers and owners should be well aware of what the conditions are supposed to be and ensure that these are being met.

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