Extra Article: How to Become an Excellent Jockey

Horses are fantastic animals that create excellent bonds with humans. The relationship is even more special with their trainers and jockeys. Many people would wonder what makes a good jockey who goes forth and wins major races in the country and beyond. Becoming a top jockey takes time, patience and a thorough understanding of the psychology of horses. To help attract more people into this time tested art of jockeying, this article provides some tips to wannabe jockeys out there. Read on.

Fondness for Horses

This is rarely mentioned, but you can hardly become an excellent jockey if you harbour a phobia for horses. Horses may look menacing for starters but make no mistake; they are amiable animals.

Develop an interest in horses; know their body parts, their favourite foods and abilities, their physiology and you are on your way to becoming a good jockey. Don’t be discouraged when a horse fails to reciprocate your kind gestures. You will slowly win their hearts.

Enrol for Jockey Lessons

Go a step further and enrol for jockeying lessons in a training facility near you. This will help you polish your rough edges as you increase your knowledge of horses. You will also get to enjoy horse riding under the watchful eye of your tutors and cheers of fellow learners who may come in handy when the going gets tough.

Take up Apprenticeship

As an industry requirement, jockey clubs demand that aspiring jockeys go for a certain period on an apprenticeship with horse trainers and experienced jockeys. This will give you practical exposure on everything about horses, jockeying and horseracing.

Exercise Regularly

To excel in jockeying requires a strict exercise regime to keep a check on your weight. Jockeys are required to be lightweight to lessen the burden on the horse’s back. It also increases the chances of winning races. Having fulfilled these and more requirements, you can apply for a jockeys’ license. The track is now yours.