Different Types of Race Horses

It is not uncommon for many people to assume that there is only one breed of horse that is suitable for the racehorse circuit. There are in fact a few different types that thrive on racing performances.


The thoroughbred horses are the most well noted for their ability to be amazing racers. They are so popular and successful at this that the biggest race shows in the world are only comprised of the thoroughbreds. Sometimes they are referred to as purebreds, but there is a difference. A purebred breed means the horses come from both parents of the same breed. A thoroughbred is a distinct breed of its own.


The Arabian horses have gained recognition for being a fit horse to handle the racing circuits.It is not uncommon for thoroughbreds as well as a variety of other breeds to have Arabian blood in their history. The type of racing that they do well in is endurance racing.


With there being different types of racing events they sometimes are more suited for a specific breed of horse. For example, harness racing is an exciting event and it is believed that the horses best suited for this is the standardbred.The history of the standardbred is made up of many other types of breeds such as the Hackneys and Morgans just to name a few.

Quarter Horses

While these horses are known for their strength and have a stocky appearance to them, they also excel at a specific type of racing. This is the quarter mile race which is true to its name. The quarter horse has an amazing ability for speed over short distances.

With there being so many different types of racing events it stands to reason that the demands they place on the horses in the events would be unique to each type of event.

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