Common Equipment Used for Racing Horses

The first time you watch a horse race, it may appear at first that there is a minimal amount of equipment that is used. However, throughout the course of training, handling and racing there are many different types of equipment that is required for the racehorse. For every piece of equipment that is going to be used, it requires a certain amount of training for the horse to adapt to it.


The racehorse will at times be required to wear a bit, or a halter and bridle depending on what is required of them at any specific time. The bit is usually made of metal that fits in the horse’s mouth so the rider can control the horse.


Racehorses cannot be distracted. During a race, there are often many spectators that are close to the fence as well as the other horses in the race. Blinkers are used to cover part of the horse’s eyes so they are forced to look straight ahead.

Girth and Saddle

The racehorses must be comfortable wearing a girth and saddle which is a requirement for the jockey who will be racing the horse.


The reins are made of leather and are attached to other equipment that is around the horses head. This is what allows the rider to control the horse and give it directions.

Riding Crop

This is comprised of a leather whip that the rider may use to encourage the horse to pick up speed and to go faster.

These items are some of the most common type of equipment used in most racehorse events. There can be a collection of other types of equipment that is needed for training purposes or for exercising and handling of the horse. Plus, for some specific types of races, there may be additional equipment like posts and hurdles.

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